1. What is an Immigration Forum Action Fund?

We are a nonpartisan organization composed of volunteers from both the public and private institutions whose purpose is to keep track of all the immigration policies being instituted by the government. As part of this advocacy, we are also doing everything that we can to raise awareness of these immigration laws to people in the country.

  1. What do you do as an organization?

We are involved in a lot of activities as an organization. We were able to build a website that started in 2011. We raised funds for different activities and coalitions that we established. We have continuously collaborated with the government in establishing policies that are going to be implemented in the country. Joint talks were made to ensure that the laws being created covering all the rights and privileges of both parties, the nation, and the people.

  1. How do you get funds?

We are a nonprofit organization. Our funds are collected through different means. We receive a subsidy from the government. We also collaborate with private institutions in order to get financing on the different projects that we have. Website visitors are also encouraged to post advertisements on our site.

  1. Who is involved in your organization?

We are composed of volunteers from different sectors of society. From lawyers to doctors to artists, the combination of various skills and knowledge have helped us in our endeavor of developing and recommending amendments on policies and laws.

  1. Are you biased to immigrants?

No, definitely not. We are looking to keep a balance between the policies being developed and the rights of people as immigrants. These immigrants all came to this country with legal documents. They followed all the requirements to be in the country. It is just right for an organization to assist them and guide them accordingly to immigration laws and to protect their privileges based on international policies.

  1. What do I do if I have questions on immigration?

You can go to our Contact Page and send us your question through the form provided. Do not forget to include your name and email so that we can respond to your message as soon as we can.